Excerpt from animation.

We aimed for this project to show our capabilities as team in an urban environment.
From the beginning we are looking for an unique location, where we could easily move from point to point without any barrels. For this matter, we created an entire CGI scene which gave us a limitless creativity freedom for the project.
Our vision from cities is they are growing in a fast and chaotic way which we can hardly notice its development; we’re so distracted about our lives interests we don’t even notice our cities coming to life. Cities are living organisms which we should carefully plan in order to bring harmony, balance and equilibrium for citizens. We interpreted this vision, in the teaser, making the city been constructed by itself.

Technical Information’s

All models were produced by us for the project, only trees were used from libraries sources.
As usual, we’re working with V-Ray as our render engine, 3D Max for modeling and Adobe package for still and video (PS, After, Premiere, Speed grade).